Where’s the Warrens? What’s that about? When I was 56 I retired from my 8 til 5 desk job in the City. So what to do? I was too young to settle down watching Homes under the Hammer so we had a vague plan to travel. Since then we have completed about five cruises a year and spent time in California, Florida and Spain in addition to numerous countries and ports on our various cruises. Some friends we met at the start of our travels follow us on Facebook and play Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally? in the UK), except they call it Where’s the Warrens. The blog name was born.

Why a blog? If nothing else this will act as a diary for me when age takes it’s toll and memories fade. But hopefully, it will provide a bit of help to other retirees, travellers and food lovers. Did I mention I like to cook and eat?  So there will be the occasional restaurant review and recipe, probably for my favourite toys, my Thermomix and Instant Pot.

I’m trying to travel without adding pounds to my weight, easier said than done but if I succeed I’ll share my tips.

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This is my partner in crime and my wife of 32 years…..

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to get in contact.

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