We visited the stunning Bodega Sommos to have a private tour and wine tasting on Sunday morning. First impressions are incredible, the winery looks a bit like a giant spider ready to pounce, although I learnt that it is meant to represent a butterfly. Apparently it was voted the second most spectacular winery in the world – it is also the second most modern. The most modern is in California according to our guide.

On with the tour. The winery is heavily mechanised, the grapes are harvested by machine at nighttime and transferred into the winery. The enormous French Oak barrels are where the better quality wine is fermented. Funny, I hadn’t imagined using barrels that size. 









You can see the stainless steel containers also used for fermenting.





The tour includes a section to train your nose. Smells were hidden inside containers for you to identify, luckily they also had a label.

After a tour of the floor amongst the casks of maturing wine –

it was time for the tasting. The tasting room is state of the art with an individual light to inspect the clarity of the wine and a basin for spitting (not used on our visit!). It was also a good excuse to try out my new fisheye lens.

We tried a white from Sommos’ sister brewery the Nietro which is quite a sophisticated Macabeo, an entry level Glarima and a single varietal Merlot. All the wines were well made and enjoyable.

All in all and enjoyable start to the day and one which I am sure we will repeat with new visitors.

You can explore the Sommos website here – Sommos.