It’s time for the local Fiesta in the Urbanisation.

To feed over 120 people you need a decent sized barbecue…..


and guests….


and stunning local food…

The lettuce may not have looked crispy but was refreshing and once you added the crunchy bits it was great. And look at those neat individual servings of oil and vinegar.

Then the meat courses, all provided by the butcher in La Puebla de Castro, Longaniza, Chorizo and a very tasty belly of pork. Sorry – I ate the chorizo before I remembered to take a photo!

All served with copious quantities of Glárima Sommos wine and finished off with Sangria.

How do you make sufficient for all those people, well you make it in a dustbin of course..

Entertainment was provided by the band Slalom Express, who seemed to specialise in music c.1972-75 and were entertaining and suitably loud.

We left after one as the party was just really getting underway, having had a fun time with nice food and wine, all for Euro 12.

What time did it finish? About 5.30 apparently!