The Somontano* Wine Festival (Festival Vino Somontano) is an impressive event held in Barbastro* over four evenings in August. It’s one of my favourite annual events and it was great to be back this year.

Lets start with a few pictures to give you a feel …

Can you see how many people attend? There are many thousands, and this was the “quiet” day, the first Thursday. Goodness knows what Saturday night is like.

Wine is provided by thirty or so local wineries, and food by twenty odd local restaurants. Each wine costs 1 token for a glass or 2 tokens for premium (and larger) glasses, food is also 2 tokens. Tokens are purchased for 5 euros for 4.


There is a special atmosphere and the mixture of food, wine, music and friends just works.

Here’s a small selection of the food on offer…

and the wines….

If you are in the area in early August this event is a must.


*Somontano in the north of Aragon, Spain is relatively new to modern wine making methods. It was designated a Denominación de origin (DO), a generally accepted mark of quality, in 1984, but it is in the last ten years or so that production has risen sharply and new vineyards spring up every year.

*Barbastro, a city in Northern Spain and capital of Somontano.