All can be revealed. Graus was preparing for Longanizafest, Longaniza is a type of sausage which is ubiquitous in Northern Spain.

This event,  held since 1992, formerly claimed to make and cook the longest sausage in the world at a length of 600 metres and weighing over 1,000kg.  You would think that is long enough but astonishingly the record now stands at 62.75k according to Wikipedia.

You can imagine this is quite an undertaking and the town’s leading butchers combine in a slick operation….

The sausage is produced on a stage and loaded into a cage….


which is then combined with others…

and walked about 200m down the road from to the barbecue which had been prepared earlier…



and cooked….

IMG_2978 2

turning carefully…..

after queueing for a while (I was near the front)

IMG_2982 2

I and 6,000 others enjoyed the labours of the hard working team…

IMG_2987 2