Fort Lauderdale, January 16

We have just arrived in one our favourite places after a largely uneventful Atlantic crossing.

After a number of ‘sea days’ each day seems to blend into another – another day of celebrity speaker Martin Bell explaining how great he was, another day of learning about Columbus or the history of Longitude.  Another day of coming second in the quizzes.   Irritatingly there appears to be a team of professional quizzers onboard who win every time. Surely there must be a limit on how many bottles of Contessa (Cunard’s prize of choice, a cheap Italian spumante) one team can drink?

After congratulating ourselves on such a smooth crossing of the Atlantic in the middle of winter, we then had a couple of days when we had to go through a massive weather front and 70 mph gusts of wind. On one of these occasions the ship took a massive lurch during the Captain’s cocktail party and the contents of about twenty glasses of wine slid off a table into Maura’s lap. Although drenched to the skin she managed to save her two glasses of wine – rather irritatingly she didn’t save my red wine!

We set sail for Barbados later today with eight hundred new passengers.  It’s always disruptive when there is a passenger change so we’ll see how we get on. We will also find out if the all conquering quiz team are still on board.